Made for Permanence in Design and Form.


We are a contemporary minimal design house based in San Francisco with creative offices in LA. Inspired by a Scandinavian design approach we believe in an organic pairing of natural shapes and colors to create timeless silhouettes.

We design our collection for Permanence in both Design and Form. Permanence in Design by exclusively creating timeless wardrobe staples to last in your wardrobe for decades, not months or years. Permanence in Form by focusing on sourcing and construction by using the finest materials and construction methods. We create pieces that wear-in, not wear-out.

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We hold ourselves to a high standard of material sourcing and production quality. Our attitude towards operational excellence allows us to bring our designs to life in a pure and precise way. Consistency is another focus of ours. Each piece is 2 times quality control checked— once by our manufacturers and another in detail inspection by an Aesthete team member.


We focus on producing timeless wardrobe staples, this starts by sourcing superior materials in an ethical manner. We diligently pursue the use of premium natural fibers and materials throughout our production process— that means no synthetics or polyesters whenever possible.


Aes•thete partners exclusively with premium quality domestic production facilities here in the USA who pay fair living wages and operate ethically. We source pure organic fibers whenever possible and frequently custom-produce and develop fabrics with local mills— providing you with the ideal textile for each piece. Our packaging is completely recyclable thanks to our use of water-based inks. Rather than receiving your piece in plastic and paper packaging each one comes in a complimentary organic cotton canvas bag, great for traveling and storage of your piece.


We believe that innovation is the result of constant and gradual improvements and that "the wheel" does not always need to to be completely reinvented to achieve the best outcome. In the words of design idol Charles Eames; "Innovate as a last resort. More horrors are done in the name of innovation than any other." All art is a balance of color, shape and proportion— we apply this mantra to all of our physical and digital exhibitions of design.



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